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Buying CBD Sunblock Vs Traditional Sunblock

CBD Sunblock Vs Traditional Sunblock

In recent months you have probably noticed that CBD has found its way into pretty much every product. For almost every food, beverage, or beauty product out there right now there is a comparable food, beverage, or beauty CBD product. Many people would dismiss this as a fad or a flash in the pants, but CBD appears to be sticking with us in the long run. Many millions of people around the world have found CBD and have reported relief and help with a variety of symptoms associated with a wide variety of afflictions. This has led to a surge in popularity as well as a huge uptick in ways to use CBD. This is why there is such a wide variety of products to ensure that everyone has an effective way to add CBD to their lives. Lotions and salves are becoming more and more popular everyday, especially in those looking to relieve skin issues or help deal with sore muscles and achy joints. It was only a matter of time before CBD found its way into sunblock and it makes sense to put it there as it is an effective skin moisturizer and conditioner. Read on to find out why CBD sunblock is often a superior choice when compared to traditional sunblock.

What is CBD Sunblock?

Maybe you are wondering if I misread that? Did they say CBD sunblock? What is CBD sunblock? CBD sunblock is the result of blending CBD extract and traditional sunblock into one powerful and effective lotion. Protect yourself from the sun while also receiving the medicinal benefits of CBD such as improved blood flow, anti-inflammation, and excellent moisturization. If you already love CBD you will love CBD sunblock for all of your outdoor adventures!

How Does CBD Sunblock Work?

Since CBD sunblock is made of two primary components two different things are happening to your body when you apply it. The SPF in the sunblock works in very much the same way that traditional sunblock does by protecting your skin by forming a protective layer against UV radiation. On the other hand, CBD is also doing its thing and binding with receptors in your body, allowing the ECS to kick into overdrive. The ECS is a shortened acronym for the endocannabinoid system which is a bodily function associated with many other systems in the body. Its primary function is believed to be maintaining homeostasis and effectively allowing your body to heal and repair itself faster. Essentially giving your body the tools it needs to more efficiently and effectively deal with the harmful rays put out by the sun.

The Benefits Of Using CBD Sunblock Vs Traditional ?

The primary benefit of choosing CBD sunblock over a traditional sunscreen is that you are applying two different products on your body at once. Combining SPF and CBD into one cream saves time and space in your travel bag, camping setup, or your daily backpack. Having two products in one also means there is less of a possibility that you forget to apply one. This means you have less to worry about before heading out the door when facing your next adventure in the sun. Additionally, CBD sunblock allows you to focus on the areas of your body that you most want the CBD to affect. For example, If you are abundantly aware that your face is more sensitive to the sun than the rest of your body you can choose to only apply CBD sunblock to your face. Topical CBD does not interfere with internal processes inside the body. This means CBD applied to the skin will not affect the dose of other CBD products that you may take for medical or other reasons. Traditional sunblock does an awesome job at protecting your skin when it is applied correctly, however for those with sensitive skin, it is not always effective enough to prevent severe damage from happening. This is where CBD truly shines.

CBD For Better Skin

On top of those mentioned above CBD is a highly effective skin treatment and has a massive following of supporters around the globe. It has been shown to improve collagen production, is an awesome moisturizer, fights free radicals, promotes blood circulation, is anti-inflammatory, helps to ease stress, and promotes sleep.  CBD in its own right is a highly effective and all-natural beauty aid. Its ability to help rejuvenate and soften skin is world-renowned at this point with it finding its way into many big-box beauty stores. Protecting your skin with sunblock is a smart move to help prevent the effects of aging prematurely. An even smarter move is to protect your skin using sunblock and CBD to not only help prevent the effects of aging but to also essentially move the clock in reverse.

Revive 2.0 CBD Sunblock

If you are looking for the best CBD sunblock on the market then be sure to check out Revive 2.0. Our THC-free 250mg SPF-30 CBD sunblock is reef-friendly, unscented, and all-natural. It features PABA free 90% organic botanical ingredients with 250mg of the finest CBD extract available. Our CBD sunblock is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin while highly sweating and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. It safely and effectively blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays with a non-nano mineral zinc oxide. If you have any questions about the CBD products we carry, email us at Heath@Revive20.com or call us at 940-217-5521. We would love to help you find the product that is best for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!