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Best CBd Roll On

How To Choose The Best CBD Roll-on For You!

CBD has been reported to be one of the most effective tools when it comes to managing pain. Many millions of people around the globe and in the United States now swear by CBD for giving them their life back and helping them to manage chronic pain. It is also gaining a huge following in the fitness community for speeding up recovery times and reducing the appearance of achy joints and sore muscles. If you are looking to mitigate the feeling of pain in your body or take your next workout to a new level, then maybe you should consider adding CBD to your regimen. One of the best ways to use it, especially for joint pain and sore muscles, is using a  CBD roll-on. What is a CBD roll-on you may ask? Read on to find out more and what five factors you should consider when looking to buy the best CBD roll on.

What is a CBD Roll-on?

CBD roll-on is a topical application of CBD cream. It is very similar in appearance to a roll-on deodorant with a rolling applicator. This is where the similarities end as a CBD roll-on is an effective pain management tool that can be easily and quickly applied to the areas where it is needed most. The roll-on applicator also makes it easy to transport by throwing it into your gym bag or backpack meaning it can be brought anywhere and used as needed.  CBD roll-ons are gaining a ton of popularity, especially in the fitness industry as it is the perfect method for many athletes and their busy lifestyles. However, here are some key things you should consider when looking for the best CBD roll on for your body.

What Does Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, or THC free Mean To Me?

When looking for a great CBD roll on it is always a good idea to see exactly what is inside. Within the CBD industry you will often hear the terms full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and THC free, but you may be wondering what do these mean? Essentially the full spectrum is the least processed and is closest to the original makeup of the hemp plant. This can be a great way to get all the other beneficial compounds in addition to CBD, however there are trace amounts of THC in the extract. This can be a deal-breaker for some as they do not want THC in their bodies for religious reasons, fear of losing a job, or just personal convictions. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all of the other beneficial compounds, but the THC is removed to undetectable levels. This means that you are getting the benefits of the other compounds but without the worry of introducing THC to your system. THC free depending on the manufacturer will often indicate that a CBD isolate was used, and it is devoid of all other compounds except for CBD. It is best to be sure to check the ingredients list and the COAs to see exactly what you are putting into your body. Which brings us to our next point.

Certificates of Analysis (COA)

Most self-respecting CBD companies will freely offer up their COAs. These important documents often come from a third-party tester to verify the content of the hemp extract. It will often show levels of THC, CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and any toxic materials found within the plant. When in doubt, be sure to ask to see them and do yourself a favor and learn how to read them. A COA can tell you a lot about the product you are going to buy before you buy it. If a company does not readily provide these then it might be a good idea to look elsewhere as they might be hiding something.

Typical CBD Certificate Of Analysis

Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free, Non-GMO

CBD is an all-natural product, and many CBD users want to keep it that way. When looking for the best CBD roll-on be sure to look into the practices that are used to grow the hemp and to process it. Also, it might be a good idea to look into the process of creating the final product itself. To keep your body free of nasty chemicals or harsh pesticides be sure to look for products that are created using hemp extract that is organic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. This will ensure that only the best stuff is going to be lathered onto your skin.

CBD Dosage and Concentration

When seeking a CBD roll-on be sure to check the dosage and concentration of the CBD product. Some imitators will try and use terminologies meant to fool the average person so if in doubt always refer to the COA. If the product doesn’t match what it says on paper, then it is best to look elsewhere. If you are confident then be sure to get the dosage and concentration that works best for you. Some people like to start small while others will seek out a high potency CBD product. There is no set rule here other than to do your research and get the one that works best for you.

Best CBD Roll-On For Your Lifestyle

The best CBD roll-on is the one that fits your lifestyle the best. If you are an active professional athlete always on the go you may want to seek out something discreet that does not have hemp leaves plastered all over the bottle. It also might be a good idea to grab one that has a cooling or heating effect that will complement the CBD’s pain-relieving qualities making for a more effective treatment. With these five tips finding the best CBD roll on to fit your lifestyle should be a breeze.

If you have any questions about CBD roll-ons or any type of CBD product and how it can help you please reach out to us at Heath@Revive20.com or call us at 940-217-5521. We would love to help you find the perfect CBD product fit for your needs!